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Injecting drivers into thick image using WDS/MDT

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  • Injecting drivers into thick image using WDS/MDT

    I am currently playing around with MDT2010 and WDS and attempting to create a thin image with just Windows 7 and then using MDT to add Office 2010 and other apps once Windows 7 has loaded, is on the domain and other customisations have been inserted onto the machine.
    I am finding this is a lot more complex to configure, I have had success on using WISM to create an unattend script but there a few issues there and I am tempted to scrap all of this and create one thick image with all the apps we would want, sysprep it so we can deploy to lots of workstations. Similar to how we do it now.
    Question I have is in which section would I want to inject drivers of a particular build of machine. If I did a thick image, deployed this with WDS, is it clever enough to deploy the image to a workstation, identify that this machine is a particular build with a certain processor, graphics card etc, and WDS pulls the driver information to that machine. Machine builds itself with the drivers and application and happy days.
    Has anyone managed to put this into production?

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    Re: Injecting drivers into thick image using WDS/MDT

    Take a look at this article: Add Device Drivers to an Offline Windows Image .
    Regarding your last question, we are building at the moment the environment, but no real production yet.


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