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Mini Rant: Win 7 (& Vista) logon screen

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  • Mini Rant: Win 7 (& Vista) logon screen

    What was wrong with the simple box you got in 2000/XP? I appreciate that it needed to be overhauled and made a bit prettier, but is what we've got really an improvement?

    The way that the logon scope changes when you use administrator as the username (Auto changes to local rather than domain logon) has always irritated me, but what caught me out properly this week was installing apps via GPO. Vista and 7 just display "Please Wait" and the spinning circle.

    One of our customers, who has 250 machines across 15 sites, asked for some help getting apps up to date, so we configured DFS and setup GPOs for all the most common apps: Adobe Reader, a couple of browser and Outlook plugins and some dictation software. Sadly one office which was "upgraded" to Vista took the "Please Wait" message to mean something was wrong so they all switched their machines off. Several times, as they kept getting the same message. I had to reimage 15 PCs this afternoon.

    I feel better for having vented, and just want to say how wonderful WDS is. As annoying as re-imaging 15 machines is, doing them all in half an hour really does feel good.
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