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Unable to save word 07 doc. on shared folder located on server 08.

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  • Unable to save word 07 doc. on shared folder located on server 08.

    I have a weird issue here.

    I have a user on a computer running windows 7, with a mapped network drive to a share on a server 2008 storage server. He is connected to a work group on the network since he is on a laptop. He opens this document located in the folder which is shared from the server. He opens this document in word 2007, makes some changes, and saves it as a document with a different name. It looks as if it goes through the motions with no error messages, and then he closes it with no messages. He then opens the folder that he saved the document in and the file is not there, although the process went through just fine.

    If he then opens up word, and looks at the most recent documents, the document is in the list. He clicks on it, and it comes up with a message saying it cannot find the specified file. He is however able to save the document on his local computer and drag it over to the network share just fine. I have tried disabling "offline files" with no luck, and I have tried remapping the network drive with no luck.

    When someone else opens the same document, makes changes and saves it, the process works.

    Does it have something to do with the permissions of the workgroup that is connected to the domain? and what do I have to adjust? Could it be a problem with MS Windows 7, or the server 2008?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Re: Unable to save word 07 doc. on shared folder located on server 08.

    Definitely sounds like a permissions issue. Change both the Share permissions and the folder permissions so his user account, or the group he is a member of so that it either has full control or change/modify permissions.

    If his account is only able to 'write' to the folder (on the folder permissions, regardless of what the share permissions allow), he will only be able to save a file to the folder and will not be able to see it. Hence he can save, but not see the saved file to open it.
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