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Printer sharing problems

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  • Printer sharing problems

    I have Windows 7 64bit on a machine that's hosting a HP P2015DN printer that I have shared over the network.

    The other 7 machine can see it and print to it fine.

    The XP and Vista (32) machines can not print to it though.
    I've done the following:

    1) Attempting to install drivers as your usual network shared printer I get an error message saying it's not the correct drivers. I've downloaded the correct drivers from HP's site.

    2) Tried adding a local port and get 'Access is Denied'.

    I have shares going from each machine and they both can see/write to the shared files so I'm not sure what the problem is.

    I've got all the sharing permissions correct, I believe...just can't figure it out.

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    Re: Printer sharing problems

    I should add that when doing the windows search for network shared printers it doesn't see it. But when you go to the machine you can see it's shared.

    Also, the firewall is off.


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      Re: Printer sharing problems

      did you try sharing the printer with IP address of the host computer instead of using Host name.



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        Re: Printer sharing problems

        Did you install win xp and vista 23 bit drivers on win 7 machine?


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          Re: Printer sharing problems

          Jeff, how have you physically connected the printer to the network? You said it is attached/hosted by a Windows 7 machine. Are you using the USB port or the Ethernet port?

          Have you installed a Universal Driver or are they specific for the operating system?
          Is this a Peer to Peer network or a Domain?
          If Peer to Peer, do the other Users have a User Account on the Windows 7 machine? If they don't then they will not be able to access any resources on the Windows 7 machine, eg; the printer.
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