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VHD booting with windows 7 and linuxOS

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  • VHD booting with windows 7 and linuxOS


    Rather than partition my drive to install Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux. I read up about booting a VHD if Windows 7 is installed.

    Can someone confirm whether I can create a Linux VHD, and mount this for boot and have the option with the bootloader.

    I looked at the following blog to understand how it works

    I tried to do this and followed instructions in the blog. I now seem to get a bootloader with both Windows 7 and Kubuntu but when I try to boot up Kubuntu it boots windows instead.

    I had a Kubuntu virtual machine I created in VMware workstation 7, I then used a free tool called starwind converter which allowed me to convert the VMware VMDK file into a Microsoft VHD.

    Can anyone help me on this? Is booting via VHD supported for Linux systems or is it only Windows products?

    To clarify, I'm not trying to run Linux in a VM. I'm trying to boot it in my physical machine, from a VHD.

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    Re: VHD booting with windows 7 and linuxOS

    I was looking at this too recently. As I understood it you can only boot Server 2008 and Windows 7 VHD's, not other OS's.


    It also says this in the link you posted ...granted it doesnt mention Linux though

    "....native VHD boot only works for VHDs containing Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 and not earlier versions of Windows."
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