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share files on network

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  • share files on network


    I'm not able to save or copy files to a network share from any location of my Windows 7 Ultimate.

    It is not possible to copy files from the desktop to any network share (samba share, SBS 2003 share, W2k share).
    It is not possible to save attachements from Outlook to one of the networkshares. Access denied although I'm administrator.
    I can read files from the networkshares and I'm able to create new folders in these networkshares. But I can't copy a file into that new created folder.

    But... it is possible to save or copy a file "created in Windows 7" to one of the networkshares.

    I've tried the following:
    - disable indexing
    - disable offline files
    - netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
    - disable read online

    Has anyone got an idea on how to solve this?

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    Re: share files on network

    Have you checked to see if you have the appropriate permissions on the "networkshare"?
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      Re: share files on network

      yes I'm sure.
      When I log in as the same user on my Win XP I don't have any problem.
      Same userrights, same domain, same antivirus, different OS


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        Re: share files on network

        When you provide credentials, from windows 7 are you using username\, or just username? Windows 7 likes to add the machine name to the username for some reason.


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          Re: share files on network

          I haven't changed any credentials. I've added this computer to the domain and logged in as an existing user in the domain (member of admin group)

          I can create a file in Windows 7 and copy it to a networkshare. Files that are not created in Windows 7 can't be copied to this networkshare.


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            Re: share files on network


            I have had the very same problem and what I did, was added the users to the Win7 Computer.
            Even though it worked, the next problem that when the Win7 booted, ALL of the users names showed up on the boot screen.

            After much "looking around" last night, I found a USERS folder buried in the Documents And Settings folder on the C Drive. Any fold that is saved in that Users folder is automatically shared on your network.

            After deleting ALL of the users that I had placed on the Win7 Computer, the share still worked.

            Here is the path that I used:

            C Drive >>>>>> Documents And Settings >>>>>>> Users

            Good luck!!

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              Re: share files on network

              Hello Ayhee

              I'm not following here... The domain user is added at the Windows 7 computer as an administrator.
              I can't save any files on the network. It creates a tmp file and then Windows 7 seams to stop saving the file and creates an error message: can't save file.

              Could the filesystem be a problem? The shares usually use NTFS, I don't know what system Windows 7 uses...

              Any other suggestion?