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Intermittent network share problems

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  • Intermittent network share problems

    Hi all


    Windows 7 x64
    SBS 2008
    Windows XP
    Windows 7 x64 over a permenant VPN (home)

    I ma having this really annoying issue where at random times, the Windows 7 machines lose the ablity to browse network shares. This problem also manifests itself sometimes as very, very slow files access (3-4 mins to open a 100kb excel sheet, if at all)

    The error is something like "the drive name x: is already in use" or "the resource is unavilable"

    During this time, all other network access is seemingly unaffected. Outlook is online, RDP works from client to server, ping comes back as <1ms, etc.

    This is the same on both W7 pc's. The problem comes and goes randomly. When it is happening, I hop on the XP machine and it has no probs at all!

    Any ideas? I have a feeling it's some Windows 7 "functionality" trait that is doing this but I've no idea what!

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    Re: Intermittent network share problems


    have you tried unchecking the Energy saving conditions of your Networkinterface?

    Uncheck "This computer may disable this device to save energy" on the energy savingstab of your networkinterface



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      Re: Intermittent network share problems


      Yes, I have tried that, Sorry I forgot to mention it!


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        Re: Intermittent network share problems

        Do you have any anti virus set for scanning network files?
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          Re: Intermittent network share problems

          Hmm, yes I do - but then wouldnt this problem exibit itself in A) the XP machine and B) All my client's workstations that also have the same AV setup and Win 7?

          Typical actually, today it didnt do it all.


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            Re: Intermittent network share problems

            Try this solution: In my specific case, this fixed the issue 99% of the time.

            Windows 7 on a 2003 Domain map drives would disconnect with a RED X at a random time everyday. Only restarting the computer would fix the issue. This same issue is occurring on my clients Windows 7 computers also.

            After these changes, the map drives remain connected with almost no problems. Occasionally, a disconnect might occur but would resolve itself within a few minutes of clicking on the drive letter.

            Power Management settings on the network card did NOT fix the issue.

            Edit the Registry:
            HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\servic es\LanmanServer\Parameters

            Change the value of "autodisconnect" to all "f"'s.
            Optionally, a command could be used at the Command Prompt: (I did not test that solution).

            net config server /autodisconnect:-1

            Add the DWORD "KeepConn" and set its HEX value to a high value.