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Downgrade rights clarification

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  • Downgrade rights clarification

    I haven't found a clear answer on this yet. Hopefully someone here can clear this up for me. If you have a copy of Windows 7 Professional 64bit OEM can you downgrade to Windows XP Professional 32bit instead of Windows XP Professional 64bit?

    From the document at it doesn't mention whether you have to stick with the same architecture or not. Thanks.
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    Re: Downgrade rights clarification

    a couple years ago I had the exact question regarding this except it was Vista instead of 7. I contacted my reseller, who in turn sent an email to his MS Licensing person who responded with yes you can.

    I was trying to find the email but cant find it.. I know its not the officially official answer you might have been looking for. But it was straight from the mouth of MS Licensing. I used it and ran.
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      Re: Downgrade rights clarification

      I recently registered some licenses on eopen for a customer installing Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, and the download options included all valid downgrade options, one of which was the 32-bit version of XP. AFAIK you can't change versions (I.e. you will get XP Pro, Vista Business or 7 Pro if you specify 7 Pro) but the architecture can be changed.
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