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win 7 and virt pc

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  • win 7 and virt pc

    Hi I am new both to forum and win 7 and alredy looking for help.

    I have just upgraded to win7 pro 64bit with new i7 machine (from XP)
    to enable use of old software, I have installed 3.5"floppy and virtual xp.
    works fine, except I cannot access floppy a: alltough it shows in virtual my computer. Its ok on host computer. same setup worked fine on xp with virtual 98 and dos6.2 with older version of VPC which will not run on W7.
    I would be gratefull for any sugestions .

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    Re: win 7 and virt pc

    Are you using Virtual PC 2007 or have you downloaded and installed XPMode for Windows 7?
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      Re: win 7 and virt pc

      The ans. to both these questions is YES the integration and sharing moduls have all thier boxes ticked.