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Need Spanish MUI for Win 7 64bit

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  • Need Spanish MUI for Win 7 64bit

    Running a HP GZ1 with windows 7 home premium bought this month but didnt come with the installation cd. I was wondering how to change the language pack. I am new to windows 7 and tried manually by using the help option. Turns out that windows 7 home premium doesnt support the change manually. In previous versions the option was possible when performing a new install, but would this possible for windows 7.If I can get a copy of the install cd and just use my key that came with hp to perform the install in spanish. Also if there is another way of going about this like a beta or something else.

    Any help would be great.

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    Re: Need Spanish MUI for Win 7 64bit

    Found a way to do it. Dont need assistance anymore thank you for your help. If you or anyone else is curious please visit http:// www froggie sk/index html to perform the operation to change the MUI to any language they have on their website. Works great no problems enjoy.
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      Re: Need Spanish MUI for Win 7 64bit

      interesting find. glad it worked out for you


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        Re: Need Spanish MUI for Win 7 64bit

        Nice find kidraven_04 and Thank You for sharing it with the rest of our Community, it is appreciated.

        I have had to edit the link due to minimum post requirements not yet being met so please do not be offended by this action.
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