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Assign loopback address to Microsoft Loopback Adapter

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  • Assign loopback address to Microsoft Loopback Adapter

    Hey All,
    I have been dealing with this problem for several days now and figure someone here can help me out with this problem.

    The client machine is Windows 7 Professional x64 and I have installed the Microsoft Loopback Adapter. Once I installed this I tried to set the address to something in the loopback range ( ) but the window throws an error everytime I enter in 127 into the IP address.

    The error it throws is: "IP addresses starting with 127 are not valid because they are reserved for loopback addresses. Please specify some other valid value between 1 and 223."

    I have been able to set the address correctly (using regedit) and verify that it works but I need to be able to have end users look at their network device properties and not have it blow up. Does anyone here now if there is a group policy setting or a reg hack to let me use a loopback address on the loopback adapter?