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Windows 7 Ent IE8 Annoyance

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  • Windows 7 Ent IE8 Annoyance

    This is really more an IE8 issue, I think, but since there is no IE section (that I can see) and I'm running 7, this seems to be the best place. I'm running Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit, and have found something in IE that drives me up the wall. Randomly, the "Recent Pages" order gets messed up, so if I where to go back to the first page, it no longer is the "first page". I use this a lot, as I keep several browser windows open and always go back to the first page I visited for those tabs, usually Forum main indexes, so when the order gets messed up, it drives me NUTS. Does anyone have any clue what's causing this, how to prevent it or how to fix it?