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Virtual PC 2007 SP1, how to publish MSTSC?

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  • Virtual PC 2007 SP1, how to publish MSTSC?

    Does anyone know how to publish MSTSC client from virtual pc 2007 sp1?

    I'm using virtual pcs to launch different "managed" VPN-clients and they work properly.

    However, I need a way to launch Remote Desktop Client from virtual machine, so it can connect through the managed VPN gateway.

    At the moment Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1 only supports automatic publishing of software.

    I can workaround the problem by launching the actual virtual pc, and launching mstsc client there and it works in xp mode, however it's way too slow...

    Any help is appreciated, thanks in forward.

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    Re: Virtual PC 2007 SP1, how to publish MSTSC?

    a couple of threads below the one you just started one of the members "tehcamel" showed us how to remove the MSTSC application from the "restricted" list of published apps.

    follow the link. works like a charm. many of us have tested it successfully. all you have to do is remove a reg key.