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detecting network locations/profiles

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  • detecting network locations/profiles

    Here's a fun one.
    I just bought home a new E4300 laptop, and started setting it up on my home network.

    As an interesting aside, i only have 8 devices on the subnet in total, so I don't use dhcp, and i have a restricited subnet, so all ips are always assigned.
    So anyway, i allocate an address, configure the mac filter, configure the WPA key.
    can detect the network, can authenticate, but won't fully connect.

    A bit of investigation, and i have both my assigned preferred addres, and an autoconfigured preferred address in te APIPA range.
    Network is "unidentified network" and i cannot change it to work, private or public.

    Took me ages of pissin around with network settings, before i found this:

    It looks like Windows 7 doesn;t do network identification properly, if you don't have dhcp !!

    I'm using the RTM release, if that helps..
    i don't recall having the same problem with evaluation bild 7100..
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