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2 "Other Devices" in Device Manager

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  • 2 "Other Devices" in Device Manager

    hello all,
    Win7 Ent Ed. x64 bit

    i have two pieces of hardware that were not detected. The PC is an HP DC7900 IntelQ45 Chipset. So i have a PCI Serial Port with no driver found. When i search for the hardware ID = PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2E17&CC_0700 it comes up with Intel Remote PC Assistance Technology. I heave-ho to the intel site and download the software. Couldn't find it for win7 so i got the vista version. Usually any drivers for Vista work for 7, although i know this is not always the case. still no go as far as drivers. Device is still giving me the yellow exclamation point. The other device is a PCI Simple Communication Controller. When i search for the HW ID i get no hits. HW ID = PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2E14&CC_0780. I've tried the latest chipset from Intel, and HP's site but with no luck. Anyone else out there come across this particular issue? Maybe with a different intel chipset or something?


    ** Update **
    Upon some further digging the first device is Intel AMT LMS_SOL for AMT 3.xx tried getting a download from HP but they stop at vista 64bit and that doesn't work. Same thing on downloading it from Intel.
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    Re: 2 "Other Devices" in Device Manager

    The PCI Simple Communication Controller is a modem.
    Is this a Desktop or a Laptop?
    Try Windows Update. This picked up all the hardware on my 18 month old x64 laptop when I installed Windows 7 x64
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      Re: 2 "Other Devices" in Device Manager

      i have tried installing the modem drivers. still no luck. i'm going to wait a bit and allow HP to actually release Win7 drivers themselves and see what happens. Thanks for your input biggles.


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        Re: 2 "Other Devices" in Device Manager

        I wrote a big long answer and then saw your edit, so you know what the culprit is!

        Intel will be your best bet, because HP are not very nice people when it comes to drivers. If a machine ships with XP, then that's your lot driver wise. My cousin bought a Vista laptop and wanted to downgrade it, but there were no XP drivers available and still aren't 18 months later. I entered a world of pain before I got all the hardware on that thing working.

        I installed a few Dell systems with Vista via WDS the other day, sadly AMT drivers are still not on Windows Update that I could find. Thankfully Dell did have the correct drivers available, and have already started releasing Win7 drivers.
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          Re: 2 "Other Devices" in Device Manager

          well, intel came out with some drivers and i have no more yellow exlamation points in device manager... whoo hoo!!!