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  • Networking Windows 7

    I have read the following, but it does not help:

    Active Directory with 2003 Enterprise DC, and several XP Pro SP3 computers, and now two Windows 7 Ultimate X64 boxes.

    One of these sees the network and can view every computer and read, copy, write, etc.

    The other can only see the other Windows 7 box, and, as far as I can see, all of the settings are identical, following the hints in the above Knowledge Base article.

    Oddly, I could see the computer with the files I needed to open at one time, and was able to open these in Excel. Now, they are still available in the programme listing. But, I cannot open any other programme and access the necessary files since the computer has since disappeared and can't be found again.

    Are there any basic rules to follow to maintain a position in network sharing on a Windows 7 computer? I must be missing something really basic.

    Both computers (Win7) are on the domain, and seen by both computers when checking by Search Active Directory. But with both having two networks listed (Home network and Domain network) one has access and the other absolutely not.

    I have gone over both computers checking settings, and cannot see a difference!

    The logon is from the network on both computers, so the computer sees the network easily, but I cannot view folders or files on non-Windows 7 computers on one of them.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Networking Windows 7

    Check that Network Discovery has been enabled on the machine that doesn't have access.
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      Re: Networking Windows 7

      Oh yes, it is, as is every other setting the same as on the other box.

      For a minute, as I changed allowed folders on the Excel data sources (I added one on the data source computer) the other computers came up.

      I was able to look at them and their folders. Then they went away again.

      It is obviously only a small thing, but I can not find it!

      One thing that I am wondering: this is my home, research network, running Active Directory on a Windows Enterprise 2003 box (which, when I find an adequate X64, will become a 2008 AD), but the Windows 7 OS is the Ultimate version. This has no option when installing but to include a Home Network along with the AD.

      Does the Enterprise version allow one to disregard this? That would mean that it would, as do the XP boxes, share under AD on the network.

      Is this a valid question?
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        Re: Networking Windows 7

        Have discovered that the DC, and any of the XP Pro boxes cannot gain access to the Windows 7 Ultimate box, although Microsoft Windows Network sees it under the domain address.

        However, the other Windows 7 Ultimate computer, Hyperion, can see Temeraire, and can copy to it: which I am doing as I write this.

        The logon is through the network to the DC, but the DC is not allowed to see the drives? Why not?

        The two Windows 7 boxes are the only computers shown in the Temeraire Explorer. Except when I have used programmes, as I mentioned, to import settings. which I did with IE8, with nary a glitch.

        Something very peculiar here, and I cannot find the cause. If I try to use Network and Internet Troubleshooter it never shows any result. Apparently nothing is wrong, although since there are no messages it is impossible to state whether that is so, or that some catastrophic setting has been allowed.

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          Re: Networking Windows 7

          It becomes even more weird.

          Copied a substantial folder to Temeraire from Hyperion: that suddenly revealed all of the other computers on the former in Explorer.

          Therefore, I tried to copy from the DC, using another folder, to the recalcitrant Windows 7 Box, and it is working, all 10.3GB.

          Yet, from other computers on the network, Temeraire is seen but unapproachable.

          Something ridiculous, and probably minor. But, comparing the two Win7Ult boxes, I can find no differences whatever in the networking settings.

          It cannot be anything to do with hardware, because the two Win7Ult boxes are seen by the problematic computer. And, I can use it to reach the internet, and I can import files. But normal access is forbidden.

          One other thing: both these HP boxes came with nVidia cards. Neither allowed the installation of Windows 7 Ultimate until both cards were replaced with Radeon based video cards. Both worked with XP Pro, but the Intel chip on the motherboards in both cases produced unworkable conflicts. If, as I did, I succeeded in the installation, it was with one monitor turned off. Double monitors, for which the nVidia cards were designed, would not work. Using Radeon cards, Win7Ult was installed and works with no botheration (except on Temeraire with this networking rubbish!).


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            Re: Networking Windows 7

            This seemingly cured the network problem, for a short time:

            Run: type gpedit.msc

            Select: Computer Configuration: Windows Settings;
            select Security Settings;
            select Local Policies;
            select Security Options: then, go to Microsoft network client: Send unencrypted password to third-party SMB servers, set it to ENABLED.

            Suddenly, access from and to everywhere! For a while.

            Then, \\Temeraire is not accessible. You . . . .
            Logon Failure. The target account name is incorrect.

            This is the latest error: where I had thought I had made an advancement.
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              Re: Networking Windows 7

              The administrator account for the domain was red starred.
              Trust relationship had failed for some reason, and another administrator account was demoted to debugger without notice.

              Logged off the domain, created a Workgroup to do that. Logged on to the Workgroup and changed back to the domain through the System applet.

              Currently, things now work as advertised.


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                Re: Networking Windows 7

                Another item that may cause confusion: the Explorer for Windows 7 will show the Network, if there is one.

                Always, when Explorer is reopened, it only shows the Windows 7 computers on the network.

                To show any other computers of whatever other flavour, including the DC 2003 Server in my case, then click on the Explorer applet indicator bar, at the top, so that you can write therein.

                To open another networked computer put in the usual \\computername, for however many are needed, and then they'll appear, until the applet is closed.

                This may be minor, but there are enough strange items to handle without behaviour like this, imho.