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win 7 empty recycle bin shortcut on taskbar

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  • win 7 empty recycle bin shortcut on taskbar

    hey all name is gill from israel.
    IT Specialist, @ work mostly ms, working in an enterprise environment.
    multiple domain, multi cluster exchange.. actually multi everything

    beside that gaming and ocing is my hobby.. learned a lot from that field.

    anyway here's my first post ... regarding some new limitations in win7
    which is flawless but still far for being human friendly.

    the most urgent issue is the no more shortcut to recycle bin on taskbar.

    i have 50 windows opened .. i want to empty recycle bin without minimize everything and right clicking the recycle bin desktop icon or without opening an explorer windows and do navigate to recycle bin and etc...

    i want in two clicks to empty, till now i could have make a shortcut on taskbar which had a right click and empty recycle bin.

    now if u do a shortcut (straight shell command) and attach it to taskbar you won't have a right click - empty recycle bin , only open and unpin from taskbar..

    this is very annoying !!! help PLZ!!
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    Re: win 7 empty recycle bin shortcut on taskbar

    Why not right click on taskbar, click on toolbars, and check desktop. this provides you all your desktop links and the recycling bin in two clicks.