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Windows Xp File association problem

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  • Windows Xp File association problem

    Can someone help me fix my Windows Xp SP2 File association problem detailed below :

    I can not select a new program for opening a file from the "Open With" dialog box

    eg : I would like to open an AVI file with Nero Show Time

    1. Chose open with dialog box > Choose Program ...
    2. Opened the browse window and selected NeroShowTime.exe
    3. Checked the "always use the selected program to open this kind of file" checkbox and clicked Ok

    The result is nothing happened and no error messages. The Open with dialog box remained as it was before and the program I chose (NeroShowTime) is not listed.

    I tried to associate the file to NeroShowTime by clicking Explorer's > Tools > Folder Options > File Types > Change method. Result is the same.

    This is same for all programs (Not restricted to NeroShowTime)

    Hope you would help me...

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Windows Xp File association problem

    I assume you have the appropriate user rights to be able to do this? If you logon to the laptop using a local admin account, does it work?


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      Re: Windows Xp File association problem

      Sorry I forgot to mention that, my windows XP is not connected to a LAN and I have got the administrator privilages (its a Home PC).


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        Re: Windows Xp File association problem

        Some one please HEEELLLPPP....

        Is this any virus problem ???

        Please help me ...


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          Re: Windows Xp File association problem

          Have you tried this:
          Right click the AVI file and select properties.
          In the second row(the opens with...part) , click on change and change it to your desired player(Nero Showtime).
          Then click on OK, this way it will always open any AVI file with your Nero ShowTime!
          Hope this helps
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