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  • Initial Username & Password

    Hi to All

    I have just successfully installed Win 2000 Pro and have booted up for the first time to be confronted by a username and password dialog box which as I havent set one yet is a bit puzzling. I did try the usual admin for username and password blank but all I get is an error message saying
    The specified domain either does not exist or cannot be contacted.
    The Build is 2195c with SP2.
    I cant see a way round the login screen if there was it would'nt say much for MS 2000 security I suppose



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    Re: Initial Username & Password

    How did you install windows? Did you do a repair? Did you install over an old installation? Did you reformat it first?

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      Re: Initial Username & Password


      Thanks for the reply

      I did a format and install previously the drive had Win XP on although I did have a number of failures before finally succeeding.
      I really dont want to go through the install again unless I really had to.
      Might make me give up and install Linux



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        Re: Initial Username & Password

        Usually through the 2000 install it will ask which user you wish to logon with.

        Typically if you do not enter anything it will only have the Administrator account.

        Have you tried this??


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          Re: Initial Username & Password

          Here are some great tools to reset passwords, maybe they can be useful:

          Creds to Daniel, ofcourse.
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