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Cannot boot into second hard drive with unknown file system

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  • Cannot boot into second hard drive with unknown file system

    Hello to all,
    New Dell Dimensions 8300 Computer is a Pent. 4 running XP Home Edition with lots of resources. My computer has two hard drives, and two optical drives.

    Drive 1 (Primary Master Hard Drive) 80 GB is partitioned into XP and Win98SE. The partitions are hidden from each other and I can boot successfully between partitions using the Boot Magic Feature from Partition Magic 8.

    Drive 2 ( Primary Slave Drive) contains a 10 GB Hard Drive (almost full)with Win 98SE as the operating system. It contains very important information from my previous computer that I do not want to lose.

    On my other computer which had only one hard drive it worked fine. Now in this new Computer where it is the Slave Hard Drive it is no longer bootable.

    Partition Magic 8 sees it but says it has an unknown file system.
    But it is not even acknowledged by the Master Hard Drive. I have checked the connections to the Motherboard several times and they are correctly set.

    How can I make Partition Magic 8 see that it did have a FAT 32 file system before something got messed up. Can it be restored?

    Since I have no problems accessing the primary Master Hard Drive, running XP Home Edition, I would appreciate any suggestions as to where to look to find out why the Master Hard Drive doesn't see that there is also a hard disk in the slave position. I can follow directions, but am not familiar enough with XP to know what to do without some help.

    Thanks to all