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Cannot delete orphan folders in D:/Winnt

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  • Cannot delete orphan folders in D:/Winnt

    Hello. My name is Jim and this is my first post here so I hope it is in the appropiate place.

    I have intermediate computer skills so I have tried several solutions before posting here.

    Systen: W2K+SP4, IE6+SP1, full critical updates.

    I have run updated full system A/V scan (Norton).
    Hijackthis (clean log)
    Norton Win Doctor

    I found two folders in my Winnt folder while looking for something entirely unrelated. The folder are (with subfolders):


    mw32\manager | modem

    The imejp, manager and modem folders are empty. A 5 folders show as 0 bytes. I suspect they are remnants of some uninstallation. A Google search turns up nothing related.

    I have tried:

    1) Removal in normal made. Results: Access fo files denied, sharing violation

    2) Removal with CMD and Explorer turned off. Result: Same as above.

    3) Safe Mode with command prompt only: Result: Same as above.
    When I tried the move command it seemed to work; I renamed ime to imex and moved it to a new directoy so I then had Winnt\junk\ime\imejp. The dir command showed imex gone from Winnt. But when I rebooted I could finally delete imex to the recycle bin but ime had been recreated.

    4) I used one solution from the Microsoft KB: Shift+Del. Result: fail.

    5) I tried Norton Wipe Info and targeted the ime folder. Result: failed.

    6) I have tried several 3rd party deletion apps. One was DeleteFXP. It says folders are being used by another process. Result: failed.

    7) I ran chkdsk /p /r

    I then D:\winnt> ren ime imx and ren mww32 mww33. Once I rebooted into Windows I checked my Winnt directory and it has both ime and imx folders and mww32 and mww33 folders.

    9) I run a dual boot: C:\win98se (FAT32) and D:\W2K, (NTFS). If i still had w2k on fat32 I could boot into 98 and delete the folders that way, but I converted w2k to NTFS last summer. I tried a NTFS floppy but for some reason won't read my primary HDD properly.

    Do any of you have any solutions I have not already tried? Have I missed something?

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    Boot to the Win2000 cd, choose the option to load the command console by selecting repair on the first menu.

    From the prompt delete the files / folders.
    Exit, then reboot into normal mode. The files / folders should be gone.

    Restrictions of the command console.

    1. You can't browse/alter anything outside of %systemroot%
    2. You must know the administrator password
    3. Its not a true shell so you are limited

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      Hello ahinson and thank you for replying.

      My apologies, but I forgot to mention that I ran the console from the CD, navigated to the suspect folder and tried a delete. The error returned was "directory not empty". There are no visible files present in any of the folders. Properties return 0 bytes.


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        Use Partition Magic and convert the partition back to Fat32. Delete offending folders, convert back to NTFS.

        Unfortunately I don't know any other "EASY" ways that you haven't already tried.
        I wouldn't consider any method that would result in data loss as easy .

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          With further investigation, and help from a very knowledgeable friend, I have discovered that IME is the Input Method Editor that inputs characters for other languages.

          I also found:


          all in D:\Winnt\ServicePackFiles\i386\lang\jpn

          No need to "nuke" them out after all!

          Thank you ahinson. I have Partition Magic but was loathe to use it. Now that I know the folders are harmless I can safely ignore them.

          This thread can be marked solved, if you do that sort of thing here.



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            Excellent, glad to hear you're content.

            Threads aren't marked as solved - as far as I know.

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