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XP SP2 CD I386 Folder

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  • XP SP2 CD I386 Folder

    I have a Windows XP SP2 upgrade CD and was wondering if it is legal and possible to change the folder XP looks in for the setup files on the CD when it is installing XP and booting off the cd. It usually looks in I386. Is it possible to change it to a folder like SetupFiles or something different to I386?

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    Re: XP SP2 CD I386 Folder

    And why would you want to do that?
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      Re: XP SP2 CD I386 Folder

      Originally posted by biggles77
      And why would you want to do that?
      Because I am using a program called bart's Pre-installed Environment builder and am trying to create an xp setup loader plugin and it already uses the files in the I386 directory so that if i put them in there it doesnt work so i have to create a folder with another name with the files in.

      Do you have any idea how?


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        Re: XP SP2 CD I386 Folder

        First you asked if it was legal. For that I have no answer, I only assume you can do whatever you want with the folder name on your computer/CD if you own the XP media and have a license. Note I said "folder name", I really have no clue as of the legality or not of any *other* changes to the OS functionality.

        As to the how - well, that I don't know.

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