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Help installing XP on a partition, please...

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  • Help installing XP on a partition, please...

    I have tried searching but there are so many ways to explain what i need that i get no results, on here, google, yahoo, or wherever i search...
    Question is:
    I would like to partition my harddrive in my toughbook laptop... install windows xp in that partition just as the install disc is... for it to boot and install from that partition to the other... I have heard of people doing this before but have no luck finding info on it! Can i just paste the i386 folder in the needed partition?
    The problem:
    I bought a cf-28 toughbook, it only has a floppy, i have an external cd-rom (usb) and will not boot install cd from it since it is USB... I have tried the 6 disc method and that doesnt work... The cdrom for that laptop is over $150.00 and i really dont need it past install... I do however have an adaptor to put the 20gig laptop harddrive in my pc and do the partition there and the other work nessasary... Just afraid to do a total install on this PC system and then try and put it in the laptop.... any ideas or thought welcome!
    Sorry for such a long question but i really dont know how to phrase what i need!... thanks a bunch!
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    Re: Help installing XP on a partition, please...

    You could try a network install
    Use this page to create the install point

    Make a network boot floppy from here

    As far as the drives go, you could try putting the laptop hard drive into your desktop as the only drive (remember you will need a special connector), do the blue screen install of windows from the desktop CD and put the drive back in the laptop just before the "windows" section of setup starts, i.e. before it detects the desktop hardware.

    Good luck!
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      Re: Help installing XP on a partition, please...

      Does the laptop have any exisitng partitions on it??

      If no the n how are you going to create the partition??

      If it were me then i would use a DOS bootdisk with USB drivers.

      A quick check of google came up with this.

      Boot from that floppy and copy the i386 folder to the partition. Please rememebr though that you CANNOT format the partition during the install so it will need to be formatted originally in FAT32.


      Boot from the floppy above and run winnt from the i386 folder on the CD.

      My choice would be to copy the i386 folder across.


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        Re: Help installing XP on a partition, please...

        You know that i have never tried to do a network install... i may have to give that a try some time!... but however in this case the laptop is wireless only so i think that would be a problem... However, i did try installing the first part of windows like you recomended with no luck... is set bios to boot harddive first and second a several accounts with out luck... it would not even read the HD at all... screen just stayed black after flashing some system info.... so that was no fun (since this laptop has a whole harddrive case with gelpacks and all before you can put it in to try) I tryed that at a few different point in the install on the PC.... with out any luck... i guess the differance between my 939 asus MB with 3500+mhz and the laptop is just to different? Thank you very much though you have given me some good advise!


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          Re: Help installing XP on a partition, please...

          I installed the drive in my PC... and partitioned the drive there.... you know i though there were some dos boot drivers out there some where but had no idea how to obtain them.... Im sure that like will be most helpfull!!! I will give that a try and post back on here later today!!! Thank you very much!


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            Re: Help installing XP on a partition, please...

            Well i tried that usb driver.... no luck... it ran program and showed on the screen omega cdrw and looked like it installed something... but no luck!.... with out that external cd-rom running i cant install anything anywhere except from floppy... Having almost give up, I realized i have another toughbook laptop a little older one that has its own cdrom in it (no the rom will not fit in the newer unit) so i installed the HD from my newer one into the older laptop and done a full install figuring that it would not work..... took the HD out and put it in the CF-28 toughbook and PRESTO!!! works!!! just have to figure out the touchscreen drivers now

            but... shouldn't you be able to install this HD into my PC and just paste the contents of the XP disc into that partition and set it to boot from that drive and it work?... seems like i could?... Just in case no-one responds i do thank you guys a bunch and will be on here a bunch!