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  • Missbehaving Directory click default action

    Dear fellow users,

    May I rely upon you for a word of guidence in my problem with Windows.

    I had set in the Folder option that each windows should open in the same window. Also the default action of clicking a drive or folder was to open it. All of a sudden these two changed. When I click a drive or folder, the folder opened in a new window and was showing the search dialogue on the left.

    I browsed Folder option and saw that the option of open windows in the same window was active. So, I was surprised as to why it opens in a different window. Also the file type tab showed that find was the default action of clicking drive, folder and file folder.

    I visited MS knowledgebase and found a solution to take care of opening the folder without search dialogue. This was done by replacing Explore as an action associated with drive, file folder and folder. Also MS Knowledgebase showed that if such a missbehavior occurs change HKCR\Directory to none. I did that. So, search was gone but still the file folder, drive etc open in a separate folder. Let me repeat that the Folder option is set to open the folder in the same windows.

    I am sure, my learned fellow members will share their expertise to solve my problem.


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    Re: Missbehaving Directory click default action

    Have you tried using Restore Defaults and then resetting the folder options you want again?
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