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ie7 error saving changes to runonce settings

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  • ie7 error saving changes to runonce settings

    Hello to all,

    I recently installed IE7 Beta 3. It is pretty cool but I had the following issue. Each time I would start IE7, it would ask me the same questions on the runonce homepage. I would answer the questions (phishing filter, language, and participation in the microsoft feedback program) and try to save the changes. It would tell me that it had an error saving the changes or applying the settings. I also tried the option to not show this page again. I tried to change my homepage too with no luck.

    I downloaded the attached reg hack from the following link that magically fixed this problem:

    I wanted to share this with everyone else in case you have this problem as well.

    I like Firefox but it has periodic issues with certain web pages. I had a few other issues with it too so I thought I would try the new tabbed browsing in ie7. It is pretty cool.

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    Re: ie7 error saving changes to runonce settings

    Thanks for sharing the information David. Although i also installed ie7beta3 i did not have any errors yet. .....We will see...running betas you will always expect anything to occur.



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      Re: ie7 error saving changes to runonce settings

      The same problem which I suffer, I hate it.
      thank U very much.
      May God bless U.


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        Re: ie7 error saving changes to runonce settings

        deyamag, please ask a question!!! and give details with it.

        btw... only reply to 'stickies' in the forums if you think it can bring new light on the topic, else start a own new thread.

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        ie7 error saving changes to runonce settings

        check the following 2 registry items of the current user:
        - "RunOnceHasShown" (<- prevent the IE setup page)
        - "RunOnceComplete" (<- prevent the MSN runonce homepage)
        Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
        [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]
        [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\PhishingFilter]
        ;  0 = phishingfilter off
        ;  1 = filter on - disable automatic website check
        ;  2 = filter on - enableble automatic website check
        configure GPO; User configuration\administrative templates\windows components\Internet explorer
        -> "Prevents performance of the First Run settings"
        -> "Turn off Managing Phising filter"

        OR, check this

        (If that does not help, check if the registrykey might be damaged or has wrong permissions.
        Or.. check if one of the 2 IE 'RunOnce..' items might exist in the same subkey under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE )

        Registry Changes, howto...


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