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diffrences between win200 to xp

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  • diffrences between win200 to xp


    I'm looking for article with diffrences between xp to 2000 pro
    can u help me?


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    I hope this will answer your question:

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      It would help if you gave a list of what you are most worried about.
      If you are migrating a lot of machines, or replacing them, it makes a big difference in what I would advise.

      But overall I would suggest you go with XP. The is no overhwelming result from doing so, it is the day-to-day things: driver updates, configuration, the driver rollback and system file protections including System Restore.

      I have not regretting any upgrade for a client from Win2k to XP. (Note that it was without issue). I would never consider a downgrade of an XP client workstation to an early OS version.
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        The only thing I see is the configuration that takes more time than with w2k. I'm taking about the GUI itself then. This is rather personal I think, I don't like that big large Start menu and stuff.

        Both systems are at the moment stabile and OK. Both are suitable in a network environment etc. There are some differences (see the link given by Gibberish), but it's not a world of difference as for example between nt & w2k. But stick to the Professional editions, that's the only really advise I can give. And most applications are w2k/xp compatible...
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          my main complaint about xp is that when several users work on the same pc the security is very bad.

          I use 2000 all the way
          home, school (laptop), work


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            What security is bad? Please give something concrete as I think that the security is the same as w2k, perhaps some more configuration....

            Thanks in advance for your reply!

            Good technicians / scripters don't know everything, they just know where to look for the answer.