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XP Pro boot lock

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  • XP Pro boot lock

    I wonder if anybody can shed any light on this problem for me,

    Got a laptop (P3 650mhz, 128mb ram) that has been running XP fine for a while now, however after installing the microsoft sasser update it does a strange thing after booting, as it loads onto the desktop everything seems to have loaded up fine untill you try to open anything. Nothing happens?

    The windows key and button are inactive and while the mouse is over the taskbar the hourglass appears, hitting ctrl+alt+del does nothing either - can't load the taks manager and no shortcuts work.

    Sometimes there is a delay before this occurs and i can bring up the task manager or open the start menu but then the lock occurs and all i can do is hardboot it.

    Have experience something similar on a machine before where it trys to connect to a network drive and holds up finishing the boot until it either connects or times out, but there's no network drives to cause this.

    Can access the machine through safe mode, but would really like to get the full fuctionality back.

    Any ideas, suggestions?

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    Go into safe mode and remove the sasser update if you believe this is the cause. You also might consider using System Restore and restoring to a point where you know it was functioning correctly.

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      Silly question, but did you run the Sasser removal tool? Maybe you were and still are infected. Installing the patch will not remove it.

      Removal tool.
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        Thanks for the replies,

        Have installed the sasser update, removing it caused the machine to get infected again real fast.
        Have used several online virus scans (panda, mcaffe, trend micro . . .) to make sure the machine isn't infected, nothing found.

        Almost as if the machine is starting up and one of the last services it loads causes the lock. Have optimised the machine as far as i can to reduce the burden on its small memory but still feels strange the way it seems ok for a short while (30-90 secs) then locks up whatever is on the screen. The mouse still works and it sounds like its trying to do something when you ctrl+alt+del for the task manager but then nothing happens?