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wierd problem

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  • wierd problem

    OK here i go.
    Network is currently 2000 with roaming profiles. Sometimes a user can log on but doesn't get any programmes, for example if you go to start and then programmes, most of them are missing so the user can't do anything and if there are a few programmes there( short cuts/icons), when you click on them nothing happens.

    looks to me like all of the info isn't being downloaded when the profile is added to the pc.
    is this a known problem? can it be cured?

    I logged off and switched off and back up but it seemed to still happen, yet I know when I come back tommorrow all will be fine.

    what about the profile getting corrupted (the local PC keeps a copy and it may be using this and if corupted may cause the problem) will deleting the local copy of the profile work? If this does work is there anything I can do so that I don't have to keep deleting profiles?


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    Is there a group policy setting that is prohibiting the program list from All Users from being included in the users profile?