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Corrupt security database in 2000 pro prevents an upgrade to XP Pro

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  • Corrupt security database in 2000 pro prevents an upgrade to XP Pro

    Hi to anyone looking for a brain buster question,

    I wanted to get some feedback from anyone that thinks they know why this might be occurring. We have about 400 clients still running 2k. When trying to upgrade the OS to XP the process works until about 28 minutes left...then I get the dreaded and ugly error "Cannot copy _dll files" along with the windows explorer browser asking if I want to "cancel or skip and continue or try again".

    Normally, this is a dirty CD that sometimes requires a bit of cleaning. When trying to select the file in its location the windows explorer shell that is used during setup it goes right back to the same error.
    However the CD is fine and the CD contents copied to and executed from the hard drive produces the same error @ same time. The dll files that fail to copy are
    comp_dll and iexplore_dll even if you manually copy the dll files to a temp location on the hard drive.

    I thought this might be system file checker issue or that windows file protection was enabled in gpedit. After looking through some of the local gpo's I noticed nothing is configured under |windows settings| security options and the database hangs and a minute later it generates an error saying that the "database is corrupted."

    My partner in crime determined that the only way for the upgrade to work is to restore the setup.inf from the security templates snap-in prior to running the upgrade from the XP setup CD. I found this hard to believe and much to my surprise he was correct b/c I tried everthing I could think of and went as far as disabling SFC in the registry ffffff90. Started to think that maybe some 3rd party software corrupted the local policy database but again I found myself asking the same questions:

    "Why would that cause the upgrade to fail on those dll files and why does restoring the setup.inf solve our problem???

    Any ideas?
    This is baffling and makes absolutely no sense to me, however I've seen crazier things so if anyone can relate or deduce what might be happening I would appreciate your feedback!

    2000 pr w/sp4
    upgrading to xp pro w/sp2
    upgrade process fails to copy certain dll files on all of our 2000 clients that need to be upgraded.

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    Re: Corrupt security database in 2000 pro prevents an upgrade to XP Pro

    Have you tried reinstalling 2000 over the top first then upgrade to XP?
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      Re: Corrupt security database in 2000 pro prevents an upgrade to XP Pro

      The app data on the computers need to be preserved (operational) so if I installed 2000 pro over the top of the \windows folder then all \program files would stay in tact but the registry data would be lost and the applications would be unfortunately "broken" until they were reinstalled. Problem is nobody, neither us or the users know what happend to the CD's.

      Yes, the over-the-top would would allow us to upgrade but this would not coincide with our overall objective. Understand that these are mission critical systems and need to retain all their current working applications. Without the install CD's of those critical applications, the OS and only OS needs to be upgraded leaving everything else in tact. Any type of installation of either operating system would wipe too much data leaving us defeated and the users extremely angry that they can't launch their day-to-day apps. Upgrading is the only solution at this point because those CD's cannot be replaced. Don't know if a backup/restore of registry would work or not with an over the top install but in either case restoring setup.inf doesn't take as long as it would to backup reg and reinstall then upgrade.
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