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speeding up the clients

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  • speeding up the clients

    Ive started at a new school and my first task is to speed up the network as it is very slow considering they have decent pc's and servers.

    firstly, they are using roaming profiles, if i put office and all the programms needed on each pc will this speed up things as the profile will be smaller?.

    I will diable netbios but what else can I do?

    thought of lengthening the dhcp lease times but pupils move about and log back on else where every hour so will long lease times help?

    burst handling? any use although all pc's seem to get logged on which suggests dhcp can handle the requests.

    servers places elsewhere? we only have 1 domain and all servrs are in 1 area, how could i find bottle necks? NIC's

    we have a cache server so the internet is not the problem just everything else. Is there anything on the pc's I can do or the servers ?

    we are using 2000 and 2000 server, one layer of OU's and 1600 students all on networked pc's of which most are under 2 years old. there are 3 servers all again half decent so hardware is not the issue. There are quite a few groups policies as you need em in a school, is there any sor t of lightening of these I can do?

    please help

    no dubble postings here. youre question already answered in server operating systems. please continue there with you're topic.