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Administrators Password problem, not resseting

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  • Administrators Password problem, not resseting

    I have *my* hp computer, but I have a problem. My brother won't let my use my computer due to his computer getting taken away, now i need to know how to get through the password he put on. I changed it before, but he got really pissed and erased basiacally all my important stuff. So all I need to know is to VIEW the password when logged on, (he lets me use it sometimes) like from within the computer. How do you do that, not resseting with a Linux reset disk, or deleting it, how do you simply just see the password when you are logged on the computer?? Thats all I need to know, please help me.

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    Re: Administrators Password problem, not resseting

    Why don't you just talk to your brother about it, or tell your mom or something?

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      Re: Administrators Password problem, not resseting

      Talk with you're brother.
      Thats all the advice i can give you.

      I do not recommend any hacking software which can do the trick you're possible looking for.

      Thats why, topic has been closed.
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