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Original windows XP

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  • Original windows XP

    Suppose any one want to purchase an original windows XP professional CD and install it.
    How can he indentify that is original CD, and how can he check it during installation and after installation.means to say how can he check that windows installed on my machine is original one.

    Can he install it on multiple machines in LAN?
    what will the price of it?

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    Re: Original windows XP

    Original CD (Found via Google!!)

    Check genuine after install (Google again!!)

    Multiple machines, this will depend on your license.

    Price, contact your local Microsoft Partner. (Thanks Google)

    It ain't hard.

    PS. Please delete your other post on this same question. If you make a post and want to add something, use the EDIT button. There is no need to make a new thread.
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