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how to save security settings in Win XP pro

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  • how to save security settings in Win XP pro

    Hi all!
    I am using WIn Xp Pro with advanced security setting enabled. I found that after I copy files or folders, their security settings were not copied. I had to setup the security settings again, it takes time I have tried using backup and restore, it can save security settings. However, What I want is simply security settings to be preserved. Would anyone give me a better solution? Thanx

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    It would sound like I am paid to sell this Microsoft tool, because I have published some posts about it, but believe me, it is not the case, among other things because you can have it for free

    The tool I am talking about is Robocopy. It copies file from the command prompt and there is an option to copy NTFS security as well (provided, of course that both the destination and the source are in a NTFS partition).

    This tool is part of the Resource Kit of Windows XP and Windows 2003 and can be downloaded from the Microsoft web page.