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XP Pro Installation

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  • XP Pro Installation

    I'm currently running XP Pro. l would like to do a clean install on a new, larger drive. Problem is.... I'm not sure if I lost my original XP Pro CD or it was stolen, but I still have my older Windows 2000 Pro disk. Can I copy the i386 folder from the 2000 CD onto my current hard drive and make a bootable XP Pro Installation disk (or are the files different)? I still have the XP CD key and registration numbers when I first installed XP Pro. The original XP Pro CD was a purchased copy and not an OEM.

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    Windows 2000 and XP are different operating systems so the files on the two cds are completely different. So in short, No, the files on the Windows 2000 cd will not work to install Windows XP.

    Since you don't have the XP cd you should use Symantec/Norton Ghost or some other program to make an image of the drive, then load that image onto the new hard disk.

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      Thanks very much for the info. I'll give it a try...... Thanks again !!!!


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        if you have original CD-Key that you purchased ,
        download XP-pro OS backup image from internet (e-mule , FTP)
        and write it to CD
        After wich you can make clean install of XP-pro1 on HDD you desire
        using ORIGINAL CD-key you purchased
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