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logon backgroud?

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  • logon backgroud?

    i want to set/change logon wallpaper in windows XP, means to say that backgroud wallpaper that displayed at logon time in blue color, i want to set there my own one, how?

    2nd i want to set my own wallpaper and screen saver after logon for every one (local user OR Domain user) how?

    i have made search on google, can't find exact info.

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    Re: logon backgroud?

    Hi Alitoday.

    This is riskything actually please make sure that you have taken

    backup and kept aside ,may be if somthing if it happen in future .And i cannot

    resopnsible for somthing it happen to operating syatem and datas ok.

    How it works : It works bacially from the file ntoskrnl.exe in the system32

    use can use some thirdpary tools for that like booteditor (please not that it is

    not a toll from microsoft )

    you have edit the ntoskrnl.exe file through boot editor and u have edit .

    But soory i ever done that before

    just visit the url

    Thanks & Regards


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      Re: logon backgroud?

      You can change the logon backround color by altering the RGB values at the following location in the registry:

      HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Colors\Background

      If you set it to 0 0 0 you will have a black backround, 255 255 255 is white, etc.
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