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XP Pro Startup problem/reseting all my user settings

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  • XP Pro Startup problem/reseting all my user settings

    I have been using this install of XP for a few months. I just restarted a few moments ago and suddenly all my settings were reset back as if it was my first time in Windows (it offered to take me on a tour, reset and/or removed all my icons, effectively uninstalled outlook, moved the taskbar back to original position, etc). Everything is still on the harddrive, but it behaves as if it is the first time running XP. This is serious, because when I want to run Oultook, XP wants to reinstall it, which means I will have lost all my email since my last backup - not good.

    I'm sure this is simple to fix, but I am totally freaked.

    I'm sure this has something to do with the user settings. About three weeks ago, incidentally just after a windows update, XP started starting up differently - sometimes using the administrator password screen, the next time using the welcome screen, the next time the welcome screen with no users, etc.

    What do I do?

    Robert Henry

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    Are you logging on with the SAME username as before?
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      I fixed it. For the benefit of others in a future situation, I'll say what I did.

      The scary thing is that I only had ONE user name.

      I disabled the welcome screen, which upon restarting made the official-looking username/password prompt appear. At first it had my user name already in the blank and was waiting for me to enter the password. I changed the user name to "administrator", and entered nothing for the password. It worked. Easy fix, I know, but still was scary.