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upgrading with OEM license

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  • upgrading with OEM license

    I need to move a w2k pro client with a zillion of installations to a new hardware.
    I've learned how to deal with the blue screens after the hdd transfer, that's not the issue.
    The new machine will have a XP PRO OEM label, my question is if I could run an OS upgrade using this key .


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    Re: upgrading with OEM license

    Windows XP Upgrade Paths.

    Don't know if I really understand your post, it seems like you want to upgrade a Windows 2000 Porfessional computer that has a zillion applications on it to Windows XP Professional, an OEM version. You would need to purchase an Upgrade version of Windows XP for it to be a legal upgrade. Since you are also changing hardware you get the double whammy.

    I would suggest you bite the bullet, install the XP OEM version on the new hardware and then install the zillion applications. If you try and upgrade you are going to have nothing but trouble. Do a clean install and get it right first time. It will take longer initially but will pay big dividends in the long term.
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