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  • Start-up screen profanity

    I need your help. I have a machine on a laptop cart that a student somehow added profanity to the top of the very first screen that comes up when the machine is powered on. The screen is black and says HP invent in big letters. I tried HP support, but they were no help. The machine is an HP nx6110 with XP pro. How can I remove this profanity?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Start-up screen profanity

    What you're seeing is a few fields that are normally supposed to be populated with the laptop owner's name, address, and phone number, or contact information in case the laptop is lost or stolen (yeah right).

    Instead of putting contact information in those fields, someone put profanity in there.

    This is easy to fix.

    Reboot the laptop.

    Hit the F10 key for ROM Based Setup. This will bring you into the laptop BIOS setup utility.

    Navigate to the "Security" menu and select the menu item "System IDs"

    Now navigate down to "Notebook ownership tag".

    Remove the profanity and put some useful information in there.

    Hit F10

    Then go to the "File" menu and select "Save changes and exit

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      Re: Start-up screen profanity

      You, my friend, are a genius. That was actually very simple to fix. I just erased it and left it blank though! Thanks again!