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Is there an evaluation version of XP Pro?

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  • Is there an evaluation version of XP Pro?

    I am currently studying for my Microsoft 70-291 exam.

    I have set up two servers on my home PC under Virtual PC using the evaluation version of Windows 2003 server.

    I have also set up a XP Pro client using the original CD that was used to set up XP Pro on the host. When I go to activate the client it tells me the product key has already been used for different hardware (Bit of a "D'oh" moment, there).

    I could live with this, although the nags to activate Windows are a bit annoying, by just blowing away the client and recreating it once the activation grace period expires but obviously it would be nicer not to have to do this as setting up the XP client is a long process.

    What I really need is an evaluation copy of XP Pro but there doesn't seem to be one.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

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    Re: Is there an evaluation version of XP Pro?

    It looks like there is or was for the 64 bit version but the 32 bit version trial download has disappeared from the Microsoft website. Probably a long time ago. When performing a search for Windows XP downloads, most of what I came up with were illegal download websites.

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      Re: Is there an evaluation version of XP Pro?

      There is/was an evaluation copy of XP many moons ago.

      I got one in a CD kit that i ordered from MS about 3 years ago but i can't remember what the kit is called.

      I'll dig it out when i get home as it may still be on the website