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offering remote assitance in hebrew xp.

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  • offering remote assitance in hebrew xp.

    Hi everyone.
    this is gonna sound silly but i cant activate the offering remote assistance.

    i got into the gpedit.msc and enabled the service, also picked myself as a user.

    i know that if you want to do it from xp pro in English, you just go to the "help and support" and search for "offering remote assistance" , but I have Hebrew xp-pro and I cant find the option.

    i can search only in Hebrew, I've tried:
    1. מתן סיוע מרחוק
    2. שליחת סיוע מרחוק
    3. אפשור סיוע מרחוק
    4. הצעת סיוע מרחוק

    but nothing, I can't find it, very frustrating.
    Also didn't found nothing in the related topics, tried to search by key words only such as "סיוע" and stuff...

    Does anybody know how to do it??
    Thanks. Yaniv.