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  • Logon Script & Group Policy

    We have logon.vbs script which has the users drive mappings and other things in it. The servers are Windows Server 2003 SP1 (Norton v10 antivirus server is installed). Clients are Windows XP SP2.

    When the user logs in they do not get their drive mappings. This is intermittent. They have to log back in twice or thrice to get to their H drive or another drive. Even though the H (Home Directory) drive is on the users profile tab. Other shared drives are coming from the logon.vbs script which is being executed through group policy.

    Any thoughts. I did change certain settings in the group policy according to some instructions provided by another person for ex:

    I have turned ON this option in this group policy which has the logon.vbs

    Run logon scripts synchronously
    Setting Path:
    Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/System/Scripts
    Supported On:
    At least Microsoft Windows 2000

    I have also turned ON the following in the group policy

    Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon

    Setting Path:
    Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/System/Logon
    Supported On:
    At least Microsoft Windows XP Professional or Windows Server 2003 family

    But, some users still complain that they are unable to get their H, I and N and so many stuffs. Its kind of weird that after the migration to Windows Server 2003 and upgrading Windows 2000 to XP that these problems have started.

    Any thoughts guys!! I thank you in advance. I am even working on getting a sniffer in place to see whether the data packets are being dropped on the switches side/network drop side, but haven't yet go that going.

    So, anybody else who have come across such kind of issues which I do see that some of them have but in one of the issues I saw that some scripts being placed in the scripts folder. But, ours is through group policy and the .vbs file is sitting in that particular group policy Unique ID location under \\servers\sysvol\domain\profiles\GUID\logon.vbs

    thank u guys!!

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    Re: Logon Script & Group Policy

    TBH i thinkyour problem lies in the placement of your scripts.

    This may help you. It may also be like teaching your granny to suck eggs.


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      Re: Logon Script & Group Policy

      The location is correct as you had mentioned. Sorry, I missed the following after the GUID.


      So, do you think that, this is fine or not fine? It has been in this location from the beginning, but only thing that has changed is the clients are being upgraded to Windows XP sp2 and domain controllers have been upgraded to Windows Server 2003.

      any thoughts?


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        Re: Logon Script & Group Policy

        The client that it doesn't work on have they been upgraded??

        It may be a simple case of disabling the windows firewall.

        Maybe if you post your script some of the mor scripting minded will help more.


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          Re: Logon Script & Group Policy

          Thanks guys! The firewall is disabled, hopefully. Cause, its tough to get the information from the desktop people. But, I am confident that once they told me that the firewall is disabled.

          Well, I will see whether I could post the script. I am not sure whether this would be the correct place to post the script.


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            Re: Logon Script & Group Policy

            I have a small script that disables the firewall and stops it.

            It's on my laptop so as soon as i boot i'll post it for you.