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Installation warning, dont trust hardware

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  • Installation warning, dont trust hardware

    hi all,
    strage things hjappend to me for the first time,
    while installing xp on local computer in the detection of hardware fase every hardware unit it found it gave me a warning that this hardware is not supported by MS should i install it or quit.
    that computer had xp on him before...
    if i choose yes for all of my hardware, during setup the computer restart few times and after that the installation fail...

    i switched hd and swiched Ram nothing helped..


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    Re: Installation warning, dont trust hardware

    Have you tried to remove any exrta components from the system and tried again??

    If it were my machine i would strip it right back to the basics that it needs, cpu, 1 stick of memory, cd drive to install windows, hdd to install windows to, and the obvious kb and mouse.