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taskbar problems with sysprep and imaging

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  • taskbar problems with sysprep and imaging

    *This is a copy and paste from another forum i particpate in, under the same alias*

    This error involved windows xp sp2 and sysprep and imaging. Therefore i dont know whether this thread belongs in client or server forum. Moderators feel free to move.

    My error is this, when i open a program on a freshly imaged machine, it opens fine, but on the taskbar its representation(icon) is pushed far far to the right of the screen. So the majority of the bottom bar is blue, and the right (before the sys tray) is my program.

    When i open multiple programs the problem is exentuated, the programs now go under each other, as in to access the programs i have a button with 2 arrows one poiting up and the other poiting down.

    This problem is randowm amongst my users and computers (of the same image build).

    Any ideas or help? Thanks guys.

    Things ive noticed : when right clicking the taskbar and selecting toolbar i notice that the language bar is there twice, once under the name "the languare bar", and "language bar".
    Also i can fix this problem manually by re-adjusing the bar and closing the other language bar. But my users dont have this access to taskbar.


    Thanks again