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DMI + Invaild System Time

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  • DMI + Invaild System Time

    i have P-II system with windows XP, it takes to time on verifying DMI pool data on booting the OS, then after long time , Login screen come and after login, there is message displays " Invalid Sysytem Time. Plz set ur time in control panel applet, etc" I set set time the exact time, but it again set old time. I have changed CMOS cell as well. But it is still set old time. What can be the problem?

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    Re: DMI + Invaild System Time

    The CMOS jumpers are set wrong. (eg, they are set to clear the CMOS each time you boot.)
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      Re: DMI + Invaild System Time

      When was the CMOS battery last changed??

      P2boards will be a fair old age now and for the cost of a few quid i'd replace it.