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WinXP password lost in PXI from NI

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  • WinXP password lost in PXI from NI

    We have at the University a PXI from National Instruments, that works with an industrial cabinet PC with win XP Pro SP2. With a AD card and an oscilloscope card. Is used by Vi programmed in Labview.
    A student set a password and forgot it. This PXI has not booting devices except for the HDD (not floppy nor CD, does have 2 USB and a web conector).
    I could extract the hard disk to other pc and set it to slave.
    I need instructions to recover the password without destroying programs neither instrument drivers installed.
    Here at the U, people from computation dept said that only local solution is formatting the HD an (try) to reinstall all, the other is send the unit back to the HQ of National in the USA.
    I will highly appreciate any help in this PC problem, mainly beacuse I am Mecanical Engineer.