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nd help setting pagefile parameters

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  • nd help setting pagefile parameters

    Hi folks.. Brian in usa needs assistance with the setting of virtual memory pagefile parameters in Win 2000.

    When browsing the net via firefox, eventually my hard drive will become over-accessed, and i'll then receive a message stating that the virtual mem is running low.. periodically firefox will crash.

    I have one hard drive, partitioned as:
    C (8gb system, 5 free) and D (68gb, 42 free).

    The sys summary shows me this:
    256mb of RAM, 50mb avail
    885mb total virtual, 500mb avail virtual
    633mb page file space

    In performance options > virtual memory, i want to set the correct initial/maximum page file size to 370mb (1.5 times amount of sys mem).. but i'm not sure whether to type in the 370mb in the C disk ..or.. D disk option, since this is one partitioned HD.

    i've read that one should never assign virtual mem parameters to different volumes of the same HD. So here i am confused as to setting the page file sizes. Should i leave the D partition with no setting, even though it has a larger 42gb of HD space avail ? .. or shall i set the C partition to the required 2mb initial/50mb max (so it has something to access) and also set the D disk to the 370/370mb?

    let me know if you need any more system info, and it's ok to email as well.

    many thanks-in-advance.. brian Z / bzhawk[at]yahoo[dot]com