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Data Security- Windows XP Pro Notebooks

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  • Data Security- Windows XP Pro Notebooks


    What is the best and easiest way to secure sensitive data on corporate notebooks?

    For example an employee gets his/her notebook stolen. How can we make it so that sensitve files folders are unreadable.

    I thought that we can put a password on the bios to prevent anyone from even getting into Windows without the password but I am wondering if the thief were to remove the hard drive and attach it to an external hard drive enclosure would the files then be accessible?

    I have heard a little about EFS and am sure that there are some third party utilities out there.

    Does anyone have any experience with this or any recommedations?

    Just fyi the notebooks are newer IBM thinkpads

    Thank You

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    Re: Data Security- Windows XP Pro Notebooks

    The BIOS password is a good idea.

    What i would suggest is a means of securing the data, whether it be encrypted or not, and that you have a backup of said data. This will ensure that the user is not left in the lurch if sadi laptop goes missing.