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Boot Up Problem

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  • Boot Up Problem

    I have an IBM Aptiva-PIII-595mhz-20gb hd. I run Windows XP Home.
    I have had absolutely no problem with this machine until past week, when
    now, while shutting down and rebooting, I get a "can't read memory x00000" at shutdown, and on reboot, wants only to reboot to Guest account. If I use Ctrl-Alt-Del, it will give a sign on screen with my name
    and if I hit OK will then boot into my account(administrator).

    I went in Safe Mode as admininistrator(and this is the only time I ever used a password), and did a system restore, but on rebooting, had the same results.

    If allowed to boot into guest account, no other account is seen, and none of my icons, etc are visible.

    I have ran several anti-virus/trojan programs with nothing found. Norton and Zone Alarm are always active.

    Any help appreciated!

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    Hi ...

    Did u changed your memory !!!!!!


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      F/U Boot Problem

      No, no changes in Memory or any other hardware/software.

      Since post, I ran Tweak UI and changed to auto logon and disabled Guest account. It now boots to my account, but is this only a partial FIX?
      Would rather have it done the original way, but hate to reformat and reinstall win xp again, losing programs and data.