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Problems installing Windows XP Pro (SP2)

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  • Problems installing Windows XP Pro (SP2)

    While installing WIN XP PRO (SP2) from CD,
    after format (NTFS) Setup began copying necessary files ....
    and stop at obrb0415.dll
    when trying to Skip, I recived black page:

    Thx for any help

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    Re: Problems installing Windows XP Pro (SP2)

    First off I don't know what that error means and I am by no means an expert
    on the subject but I'll try to provide something meaningful.

    It took me several tries to get SP2 installed and I had to reinstall XP twice from the recovery options to get there as I had the preinstalled version, it was a complete reinstall. after the second reinstall I was a little nervous about trying it again. I won't detail the failures only what worked for me.

    First I went to the site for my computer manufacturer I.E. Hewett Packard,Dell etc.
    and downloaded all recommended updates incliding an upgraded BIOS made sure that I was up to date with microsoft updates.

    I read somewhere that the securiy and catroot2 logs can become corrupted so I renamed these rebooted and checked to see that the files I had renamed were recreated - they were; so far so good.

    Defraged, Scanned for viruses, adware and spyware using AVG7,AD AWARE, SPYBOT and HIJACKTHIS(be careful with hijackthis) .

    rebooted again and turned off everything in the system tray and started the installation using the custom cdrom containing the XP service pack 2 files.
    It took a very long time and several times I thought the installation had stopped but 3 hours later I was booted into SP2!!!

    In short SP2 seems very sensitive to ANYTHING that might be wrong in your system. I almost paid the place I bought the computer from the $35.00 U.S.
    they wanted to install it for me.

    good luck with your install,


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      Re: Problems installing Windows XP Pro (SP2)

      Funny that. I haven't experienced any probs installing XP SP2.

      As previous poster has pointed out run all the usual spyware, virus and system maintenance tools.

      Did you have any issues prior to insstalling SP2??

      Can you post the exact error you are getting when it crashes.


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        Re: Problems installing Windows XP Pro (SP2)

        thank you all, but the problem was with my CD