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DHCP flaking out.

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  • DHCP flaking out.

    we are discussing a PC running Microsoft XP Home. The computer is connected to DSL (uses normal ethernet NIC, no Adsl here). When the user starts up the computer and windows boots the desktop, the network doesn't function properly.
    Doesn't function properly means that you can't access any hosts on the internet with any browser, and pinging any ip address results in no responses.

    1. ipconfig shows that the machine has been assigned an IP address, subnet and
    dns server addresses. ipconfig /release ipconfig/renew sometimes hangs and
    sometimes results in new ip.

    2. I have ensured the machine is clean of spyware and virus.

    3. I have disabled the integrated NIC and installed a PCI ethernet adapter.
    same problem.

    4. If I attach the machine to a different ethernet connection (one that uses
    static nat address (192.168.1.x) and a gateway, the network works just
    fine. Take it to a connection that uses dhcp to receive the address, and
    the problem crops up.

    ISP has checked everything out and monitored. The ISP side is fine, and has been proven.

    I have removed/re-installed the NIC but it has not resolved the issue. The machine is not running any firewall (I disabled it to try and resolve the problem). Could something be screwed up with this machine's dhcp client code ?

    I am out of ideas and would appreciate any thoughts, ideas suggestions, guesses.....


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    Re: DHCP flaking out.

    Bit confused. You say it is connect to DSL by a NIC but no Adsl???? Do you have a broadand or dialup?
    What is the make/model of your modem or modem/router?
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      Re: DHCP flaking out.

      our ISP has provided fiber to the house. We have no adsl modem, etc. We have an PCI ethernet adapter and it is plugged straight into the jack which runs to the fiber box on the side of the house. So, we have broadband (1.5Mb).

      Kind of unusal, I know, but thats what we have.


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        Re: DHCP flaking out.

        Go to a COmmand Prompt, run IPCONFIG /ALL and post the results back here.
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